American Standard 30x60 Inch Gelcoat Walk-In Whirlpool Review

The American Standard 30 Inch by 60 Inch Gelcoat Walk-In Whirlpool includes the safety features typical in a walk-in tub for people with limited mobility. It has an integrated grab bar to help with stability and a textured floor to prevent slips. There's also a low step so you can easily enter and exit the bathtub. These safety add-ons make this walk-in bathtub ADA-compliant to help you or your loved one maintain independence at home safely.

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Design and Style

This American Standard bathtub’s minimalist design can work with almost any bathroom decor, and it's available in two colors: white and off-white linen. This walk-in tub is the same length and width (60 inches by 30 inches, as its name suggests) as many traditional bathtubs, so it can easily be installed in your existing bathtub alcove. Like all walk-in tubs, though, it’s much deeper than standard tubs, holding up to 75 gallons of water without a person in it.

It has a steel frame, so it's sturdy. And the reinforced fiberglass tub has a gelcoat finish, making it easy to clean. The built-in chair’s seat height makes it easy to sit in the tub and stand up without much effort.


The added benefit of this walk-in tub is the whirlpool system. It has 13 jets with four different settings that massage your tired or aching muscles as you bathe. You can adjust the direction of the jets to point the water flow at whichever muscle group you want to focus on. If you're looking for more jets, however, consider the Ella Ultimate walk-in tub, which has even more jet options — 26 total air and water jets.

For an added cost, you can get more features, such as an in-line heater to keep your bathwater warm, a quick-draining system to empty your tub in less than 2 minutes and extension kits if your bathtub alcove is bigger than this tub. You can also get a chromotherapy system, which adds to your bathing experience with lights that change the color of your bathwater.


American Standard offers a limited five-year warranty for this tub, which is relatively short compared with others, some of which offer 10-year — or even lifetime — warranties on all parts and components. But this tub does have a lifetime warranty on the door seal, which is a plus.

The Final Verdict

The cost of a walk-in tub is higher than that of a standard bathtub, but this American Standard model comes in at an average price, considering the features you get. Adding a heater or quick-draining system increases that price, but being a whirlpool model, the hydrotherapy jets come standard, making this walk-in a great choice for those with sore muscle and joints, or who simply enjoy massaging water jets.