Sanctuary Large Wheelchair Access Walk-In Tub Review

When a regular walk-in tub doesn't work for your needs, the AmeriGlide Sanctuary Large Wheelchair Access is an option. This safe-step tub includes a wide, swinging door that makes it easier for you to slide over from a wheelchair to the 22-inch-high seat even without help. With features like this, the AmeriGlide walk-in bathtub can help you maintain your independence in your own home.

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Design and Style

At 15 inches, the step up into the tub is higher than those in most walk-in tubs, but that isn't an issue with a model like the AmeriGlide Sanctuary. Even if you aren't wheelchair-bound, a walk-in tub with an outward-swinging door can be useful, because when you open the door, you have direct access to the seat.

You simply sit in the tub, swing your legs in, close the door and start your bath. The Kohler Elevance Rising Wall is another, more affordable wheelchair-accessible soaker tub as well.


This wheelchair accessible tub includes the usual safety features, such as a textured floor to prevent slipping and grab bars to make it easier to enter and exit the tub. With the extra grab bar on the door, you can easily close the door once you're seated inside the tub. This tub is similar in size to a standard bathtub, at 60 by 30 inches, so it fits in a standard bathtub alcove. This AmeriGlide walk-in tub holds less water, at 65 gallons, than most walk-in tubs do, but it's still deep enough for a relaxing soak.

You can add features to this basic soaker tub to make your bathing experience more pleasant. For instance, you can get this tub with air jets, water jets or both. The cost of this slide-in tub increases with added features, though. If you choose a whirlpool system, you get six adjustable water jets and a heater, which maintains the comfortable temperature of the bathwater. And its high-gloss gel coat makes it easy to clean.


The stainless-steel frame is strong and has a 10-year warranty. The tub itself, which is made of reinforced fiberglass, is also covered by a 10-year warranty. As with most walk-in tubs, the door seal has a lifetime warranty. If you get the tub with jets, the pump and motor are protected by a five-year warranty.

The Final Verdict

If you need a wheelchair-accessible tub rather than a step-in bathtub, you may want to look into this AmeriGlide model. For a basic soaker with wheelchair access, the Sanctuary is a good choice for a relatively low price. And if you desire and your budget allows, you can add features like jets and chromotherapy, though at an extra cost.