Ariel 3060 Walk-In Bathtub Review

The Ariel 3060 Walk-In Bathtub is a great choice for anyone who loves to relax with a long, hot soak. Regular tubs can make this difficult if you have a chronic injury, arthritis or another condition that makes some movements painful.

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This is a basic walk-in bathtub with several safety features that make it ADA-compliant and easy for almost anyone with limited mobility to use. As a safe-step tub, it includes a low threshold where the door opens so you can easily step in. The textured floor prevents slips, whether it's wet or dry. This model also includes a grab bar to help with stability.

Design and Style

The built-in seat is 17 inches high and 23 inches wide, making it easy for you to sit down for a bath and stand up afterward. This Ariel walk-in tub is sturdy, with a stainless-steel support frame and reinforced-fiberglass shell. It's finished with a high-gloss coat that's easy to clean. You also get your choice of a right or left drain, so you can be sure that this tub fits in your bathtub alcove without the need for extra plumbing. Like all walk-in tubs, this Ariel model has a watertight door with a handle that's simple for anyone to secure.

This walk-in bathtub can easily fit in your existing bathtub space, because it's the standard size of a regular bathtub, at 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. Its sleek design works with almost any bathroom decor, but it's available only in white.

Although this is an excellent tub for people with limited mobility, it isn't necessarily a wheelchair accessible bathtub. The position of the seat and the door would make it difficult for someone to transfer themselves from a wheelchair to the tub. And this tub doesn't include extras such as air jets or water jets, which can provide soothing massages, as part of the basic package. If you're in the market for a wheelchair-accessible walk-in tub, a slide-in model such as the AmeriGlide Sanctuary is one of the more affordable models.


This Ariel walk-in bathtub is one of the most affordable walk-in tubs on the market. If you order it directly from the manufacturer, you can get add-ons such as aerotherapy and hydrotherapy jets, but this makes the price much higher.


There are better warranties on the market. For this Ariel model, the manufacturer offers three years on the tub and parts, whereas five or 10 years is more typical with other companies, and Safe Step brand offers a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. For a standard soaker tub, this could be adequate, but it's worth keeping in mind as you evaluate.

The Final Verdict

As a soaker walk-in bathtub, the Ariel 3060 offers basic safety features for a deep soak in a safer bathing environment than a standard tub. It comes with standard safety features at a lower price than competing models, albeit with a fairly limited warranty.