Bay Alarm Medical (Alert) Review

As with most medical alert services, Bay Alarm Medical offers three packages. The base package features the MyTrex MXD3G system, which is available in both landline and cellular versions. The midrange package is the GPS mobile system. The premium package bundles the home system and the GPS mobile device.

For our review, we purchased the in-home system with the fall detection and cellular add-ons. However, upon receiving the device, we discovered that it was calling an invalid number. While we were assured that this issue was an isolated problem, we couldn't remedy the situation in time for comparison testing. As such, this review is mostly based on the MyTrex MXD3G's performance in general (we tested this particular unit six times in total with different companies).

Cost Comparison: B+

At the time of our review, Bay Alarm Medical's month-to-month pricing received a B+ grade in our cost comparison. This was mostly because of the great value in the mobile alert system. The in-home medical alert package, which uses a landline, was about $2 cheaper than the market average, at $27.95 per month.

If you don't have a landline, you could just add the cellular adapter for $9.95 per month, which makes it about $2 more expensive than the market average for similar systems. However, the mobile GPS alert package was also $27.95 per month. With most services, the mobile alert package was $43 per month. 

The premium package bundles the mobile device and the in-home device for $49.95 per month. Since the mobile device goes wherever you go, the only reasons to have both would be if you don't like wearing a mobile device around the home or if your home doesn't have a reliable cell signal.  

The Results of Our Hands-On Testing

As mentioned earlier, the MyTrex MXD3G system that Bay Alarm Medical sent us called an invalid number whenever it phoned for help. During these calls, a computerized voice came on to tell us that the number was invalid and told us to call another number, but even that second number was invalid. We contacted the company to resolve the issue, but it was taking too long to rectify things. As such, we had to remove Bay Alarm Medical from contending for our recommendations.

We still tested the MyTrex MXD3G unit's pendant range, however. In addition, five other services use the same device, so we were able to evaluate the device's speakerphone while speaking with emergency operators.   

The speakerphone of the MyTrex MXD3G received an A- grade in our evaluation. It isn't as clear as the MobileHelp CBS2-01, but it's louder. In fact, the MyTrex unit is very loud, which is necessary in a home with many rooms. However, the volume seemed to be controlled by the call center operators (a conclusion we reached based on evaluations with other services using the same device). It was too inconsistent — deafeningly loud in one call and far too quiet in another. And at its loudest, the speaker did distort.

For range, the wireless pendant was subpar, reaching an average of only 70 feet. While this is decent range for an apartment and most homes, it certainly doesn't give you much flexibility to venture into the yard.

Another downside is the fall-detection pendant, which failed to work in any of our tests. We're not sure why this happened. It wasn't an issue unique to Bay Alarm Medical either. Five services in our review use the same football-shaped fall-detection pendant, and none worked. Not even once. We simulated a wide range of falls, too. When that didn't work, we dropped the pendants from various heights. Nothing we did activated a call for help.

Final Verdict

We can't recommend Bay Alarm Medical, simply on the basis that the unit we tested failed to connect to the monitoring center, though we suspect this was an isolated issue. That said, when compared to similar services that use the same devices and calling center, this service appears to be just another average medical alert company. On a positive note, the mobile GPS package is among the most affordable on the market, and that may be worth considering.