FORA TN'G Voice Glucometer Review

If you have vision problems, which are common in people with diabetes, the FORA TN'G Voice is your best option for a blood glucose meter because it reads your glucose levels aloud and walks you through the features with a voice guidance system. It's also one of the few glucometers with Bluetooth connectivity and a free app to help you manage your diabetes in real time. The test strips aren't widely available, but they aren't expensive, which is a major bonus in the long term. 

Test-Strip Costs & Availability

For our review of glucometers, we evaluated the availability and cost of test strips by visiting local pharmacies and online diabetic supply stores. The FORA TN'G Voice's biggest downside is that its test strips aren't widely available. We only found them at a few online stores, and that list includes the manufacturer's website. This means you need to order the test strips well before you run out because you can't simply run into your local CVS or Walgreens to buy refills. That said, this is a relatively new brand, so we expect the distribution to improve.

On a positive note, the test strips are affordable compared with those for most glucometers. On average, they cost just 59 cents per strip. While they certainly aren't the cheapest test strips, they are far from the most expensive. The priciest test strips among the glucometers we reviewed cost about $1.39 each, and the most expensive ones on the market can cost over $2 each.

Design & Features

As the name suggests, FORA TN'G Voice's distinguishing feature is that it reads your glucose levels aloud. Nearly 50 percent of people with diabetes have some degree of vision deterioration, according to the National Eye Institute, so a voice guidance system is essential for these people. In addition to the voice feature, it has a high-contrast display that's easy to read in all types of lighting.

Another great feature of the FORA TN'G Voice is the Bluetooth connectivity. You can download the free iFORA app and pair the glucometer with your smartphone to transfer your results. The app is an excellent way to manage your data on the fly. Most glucometers require you to transfer your data to a computer, which takes time and planning. And many of these devices don't even come with data-management software. With an app, the data is always in your pocket, and it makes it much easier to manage your diabetes.

The device itself is bigger than many glucometers, but it's well-made and portable. It stores up to 450 readings, which isn't a lot compared with what most glucometers can hold, but it doesn't matter as much because you can transfer the readings to your smartphone.

Ease of Use

This glucometer does not require coding, so you won't need to manually calibrate it with each new test-strip batch. Each strip needs a 0.5-microliter blood sample, which is average, and the results come within 5 seconds. If you need help remembering to test, you can schedule up to four daily alarms.

The Final Verdict

The FORA TN'G Voice is one of the few glucometers that can read you glucose levels to you, which makes it great for people with vision problems. Combined with Bluetooth connectivity and an app, this makes it one of the best glucometers on the market.

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