Jacuzzi Walk-In Bathtub Review

Jacuzzi is known for its hydrotherapy, and it combines its patented water jets with air jets in its walk-in bathtub to provide a luxurious at-home spa experience. It starts as a basic whirlpool model, but you can choose which add-on features you want to complete your bathtub package. It comes with the standard safety features included with most walk-in tubs. A low threshold lets you safely step in and out of the tub. The textured, slip-resistant floor prevents falls even when the tub has standing water in it, and the grab bar gives you stability as you enter or exit the tub.

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Design and Style

Although the Jacuzzi walk-in tub has a wide entrance, it isn't considered a wheelchair accessible bathtub because it doesn't allow direct access to the built-in seat. At 52 inches long and nearly 30 inches wide, this walk-in tub is designed to fit in almost any standard bathtub alcove. The tub is 37 inches tall, and it can hold up to 63 gallons of water. This is the standard-sized walk-in tub from Jacuzzi, and their best-selling model, but the company also sells a compact model and a large model. In addition, Jacuzzi sells a trim kit that lets you customize the installation of your walk-in tub to fit a specific space perfectly.


Half of the 10 jets are water jets, and the other half are air jets — so you get a balanced mix of massage methods. Several other optional features add to the spa-like experience, including a built-in LED chromotherapy system, which turns your bathwater different colors. There's also an aromatherapy system that delivers soothing scents to help you relax, a polished chrome faucet and a handheld showerhead. The controls are within reach on the side of the tub, so you can easily control how vigorous your massage is. Or, you can turn off all the jets for a calm soak.


The cost of a walk-in tub with these added therapeutic features is higher than that of a traditional tub or a basic soaker walk-in tub, but it comes with strong warranties to protect the investment. Jacuzzi's website does not offer clear pricing, but in many online reviews, users report paying on the higher end of the price range, as much as $12,000, on Jacuzzi’s walk-in bathtubs. The frame is steel, and the tub shell is made with acrylic materials. Both are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Final Verdict

Consider a Jacuzzi walk-in bathtub if a recognizable brand name and patented massage-jet technology are important to you. Features such as combo air and water jets, chromotherapy lights and an aromatherapy system make this walk-in bathtub stand out. Jacuzzi also rounds out the package with a solid lifetime warranty on the shell and jet parts. Keep in mind that all of these features will likely come with a higher cost than more basic walk-in bathtubs.