MediPendant Review

MediPendant stands out from other medical alert companies because its device is unique to the company and it's the only option it offers. Unlike with most medical alert services, you don't have a three-tiered package structure of in-home landline systems, in-home cellular systems and mobile alert systems. With MediPendant, there's only an in-home landline system that utilizes a bulky two-way pendant.

Unfortunately, we couldn't fully test the MediPendant. The landline system wasn't compatible with our landline network. As we were trying to remedy the issue, we discovered that the website was being flagged for potential security issues. We contacted MediPendant's customer service, and a representative assured us that the company would look into the problem. The issue persisted, however, and we were able to replicate the security alert in multiple instances. As a result, we excluded MediPendant from consideration in our recommendations, as we can't recommend a product sold over an insecure connection.

Cost Comparison: F

Because MediPendant doesn't have multiple systems, we compared its cost only to those of other in-home landline systems. Unfortunately, you can't pay month to month, as the options are limited to annual, semiannual and quarterly payments. The quarterly payment comes out to a cost of $34.95 per month, which makes MediPendant about $5 more expensive than most in-home landline medical alert systems. Of course, the two-way pendant adds some value, because it allows you to talk to the emergency operators from any spot within the 600-foot range.

If you pay for six months at a time, you can lower the monthly cost to $32.95. Annual payments lower the monthly cost to $29.95, which is close to the average month-to-month cost of most comparable landline systems.

Of course, it's important to remember that prices fluctuate all the time. As such, these prices should be viewed as a snapshot of the market. You should always confirm and compare prices before purchasing a medical alert system.

The Results of Our Hands-On Testing

We weren't able to successfully set up the MediPendant on our landline, which means we couldn't test the pendant range, speakerphone quality, call response time or call quality. Before we could troubleshoot the issues, we ran into the insecure website issue. We promptly decided that we couldn't recommend a product that exposes customers to potential security issues.

We did make some observations worth considering, however. The device is water-resistant; you are expected to wear it in the shower.

The MediPendant is big, about the size of a small brick, and it isn't comfortable when worn around the neck. It's significantly bigger than every other mobile device we tested, and yet it's not as valuable, because it's limited to the wireless range.

Final Verdict

While we like the idea of a two-way pendant, we don't like that MediPendant offers only a landline option, one that is significantly more expensive than other in-home landline systems. In addition, the security issue with the website is a big concern. We cannot recommend MediPendant.