OneTouch Verio IQ Glucometer Review

As one of OneTouch's newer glucometers, the Verio IQ offers many "smart" features to help you track patterns in your readings. While its test strips are available in most physical and online stores, their average cost is among the highest. But as with all OneTouch products, the testing supplies are covered by Medicare Plan B.

Test-Strip Costs & Availability

We visited local pharmacies and online stores, and the test strips for the Verio IQ were in almost every one. They weren't carried in a few online stores, but we found them in every physical store we visited, which is good when you run out of test strips and can't wait for new ones to ship.

However, the test strips are some of the most expensive: On average, each strip in a 100 pack costs about $1.21, and when you buy a pack of 50, each strip costs about $1.40. For comparison, the cheapest test strips in our review cost less than 25 cents each. If your insurance doesn't cover some of the costs, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars per month on test strips.

Design & Features

The OneTouch Verio IQ's highlight is its large, easy-to-read display. Nearly half of people with diabetes have some vision impairment, according to the National Eye Institute, so this is a necessary feature to consider. Still, unlike some other glucometers, the Verio IQ doesn't have a voice feature that reads your blood sugar levels to you.

As soon as you insert a glucose test strip, the color screen lights up, so you can read your test results in any lighting conditions. There are color icons and flags that notify you of things such as high or low glucose levels or a low battery. With the Verio IQ, you can also set your own normal range between 20 and 600 ml/dL.

The Verio IQ can hold up to 750 readings at one time, which means it can help you identify trends and patterns. This proprietary Pattern Alert technology shows you what's happening over time so you can gain better control over your blood sugar levels. All of this happens in the glucometer, but you can transfer the data to your computer as well. However, the device doesn't come with a data-management smartphone app.

The Verio IQ runs on a rechargeable battery, and each kit includes an AC adapter and a USB cable for recharging. The meter measures 3.46 x 1.85 x 0.47 inches, which is slightly taller than many other meters, and weighs a mere 1.66 ounces with the battery installed. It also comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. After you register your glucose meter on the company's website, you can download a software management system for free. However, you need to use a USB cable from OneTouch to link your glucose meter to your computer.

Ease of Use

The test strips for the OneTouch Verio don't require coding, and their side-fill design means the device can read the small 0.4-microliter blood sample from either side of the strip. The glucometer scans each blood sample 500 times while correcting for interferences such as the presence of antibiotics or pain-relief medicine. The company also offers a lancing system for drawing the blood sample and gives you a choice of a 30- or 33-gauge lancet. The manufacturer recommends that you use only these lancets for fingertip testing, but palm testing is an alternative if you purchase special lancets separately.

The Final Verdict

The OneTouch Verio IQ is a good choice for learning your blood-sugar patterns and trends. However, the test strips are fairly expensive, and the system does not let you test on sites other than your fingertips. Still, this glucose meter has a lot to offer, including an LCD color screen, a well-lit display and accurate trending.

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