Safe Step Walk-In Bathtub Review

Safe Step brand walk-in tubs are designed to help minimize falls and give more independence to elderly people or those with disabilities. It includes basic safety features, such as safety bars, easy-to-reach controls, an ADA-compliant 17-inch-high seat and anti-slip grips on both the seat and the floor.

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Design and Style

When uninstalled, Safe Step tubs have a step up of only 4 inches. It can be installed to this minimum height, so you don't have to worry about stepping up too high. If a lower threshold is important to you, consider other models with reportedly lower thresholds. For example, there's the Ella Low-Threshold Gel Coat with a 3.5-inch threshold.

You can either soak in the Safe Step tub or use the handheld shower wand to rinse off quickly if you don't want to wait for the tub to fill and drain. If you want to soak, this tub offers optional features to make it more relaxing, as well as therapeutic for sore muscles and joints. It comes with 10 massaging water jets, and you can add aromatherapy oils for deeper therapeutic results. You can also opt to add air massage jets to your walk-in tub. These jets aren't as strong as water jets, so they are gentler on sensitive skin. Safe Step tubs don't have wheelchair access, but if you're in the market for a tub that does, the Universal Tubs model in our lineup is a good choice.


Safe Step places all the controls you need close by so you don't have to stretch to reach them and risk slipping. The jet controls let you adjust the pressure, toggle between air and water jets, and reposition the streams to get them to hit right where you need them. This walk-in also comes with a relaxing seat warmer. The Safe Step includes smart technology that shuts off the water, jets and warmer if the temperature reaches a certain degree to reduce the possibility of burns.


Each Safe Step walk-in tub is priced individually based on the options and features you choose, such as the size of the tub, additional jets and complexity of installation. Safe Step offers financing, as well as discounts for veterans and for costs not covered by Medicare. The tubs come with a lifetime warranty that covers all parts and labor, including door seals, faucets, water pumps, heaters and jets, plus any manufacturing defects.

The Final Verdict

Safe Step is the best option if you want to customize your walk-in tub. It offers a number of varieties and options, all covered by a lifetime warranty. The company also offers discounts, including one for veterans. However, know that you must speak directly with a salesperson to obtain pricing, so if you don't like the idea of that, Safe Step might not be the right option for you. For a more hands-off sales approach that offers similar features, consider the Safety Tubs Value Series 60 in. x 30 in Walk-In bathtub as it can be order from online sources like Home Depot or Lowes.