Universal Tubs Wheel Chair Accessible Air Bath Tub Review

The Universal Tubs Wheel Chair Accessible Air Bath Tub caters to people who have limited mobility and want to enjoy a soothing soak, air-jet massage and additional therapeutic features. The warranty doesn't match those of some other tubs we reviewed, but the features included for the price may make it a good choice for certain bathers, especially those who require a wheelchair and are on a tighter budget.

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Design and Style

This Universal Tubs walk-in includes features such as a grab bar and textured floors to ensure your safety when you're entering and exiting. However, this isn't considered a true walk-in tub, because, at 15 inches, the step is higher than those of traditional walk-in tubs. Nonetheless, you can smoothly transition from standing to sitting and then slide into the bathtub.

The Wheel Chair Accessible Air Bath Tub model is an air-jetted tub that's 60 by 30 inches, so you can fit this specialized bathtub in your regular tub's place. It stands about 42.5 inches high, which means you can get a deep soak. The gel-coat finish on the tub shell makes it durable and easy to clean, and it comes with an attractive chrome-finished faucet. You also get a handheld shower so you can rinse off before or after your bath.


Universal Tubs offers several tubs in this series, each of which offers a different combination of features, such as water jets. If whirlpool tubs are out of your price range, you can choose the basic soaking model, which is the least expensive, costing around $2,000. To make your bathing experience more comfortable and soothing, you can add optional features. For example, there's a whirlpool system, which gives you 12 adjustable water jets, and an aerotherapy system that comes with 26 air injectors, which is included in the Air Bath Tub model we evaluated. Or the dual-massage option gives you both. Then, there are the aromatherapy and chromotherapy adoptions, which emit fragrances or colors of light, respectively.

The controls on this tub are pneumatic buttons, making it easy to press each one, and they're located on one side of the bathtub, within easy reach. If you're looking for a more affordable wheelchair-accessible soaker tub with basic features and functionality, the Kohler Elevance Rising Wall is a good choice.


The swinging-door seal is backed by a lifetime warranty, so any leak you spot can be taken care of by the manufacturer. The tub shell is protected by a 10-year warranty, and all other parts have a one-year warranty. Labor is covered by a 90-day warranty, but Universal Tubs offers an extended warranty on parts and labor for an added cost.

The Final Verdict

If you're looking for a customizable walk-in at a midlevel price, the Universal Tubs line may suit your needs. Although the warranty isn't the longest, Universal Tubs' availability in Home Depot may make it easy to maintain. But it's exclusive to that retail chain, which some people may consider a drawback. But if you’re looking for a whirlpool-optional, wheelchair-accessible tub at a reasonable price point, the Universal Tubs Wheel Chair Accessible Air Bath Tub may be an option for you.