What Is Dignifyed?

Who We Are

Dignifyed's parent company, Purch, has grown into one of the world's largest shopping and technology-content networks. We realized there was no leader in this space sufficiently evaluating the products and services aimed at improving the lives of the growing population of seniors in the United States. We created Dignifyed to fill this need.

Disclaimer: Dignifyed reviews products independently. When you click links to buy products we may earn money that supports our work.

Who Is Dignifyed For?

The U.S. population is aging: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people age 65 and over make up nearly a quarter of the current U.S. population. We want to help seniors maintain their independence, mobility and quality of life, as well as assist their family members in caring for their aging loved ones. By 2020, for the first time, people 65 and over will outnumber children under 5 worldwide. So, even if you're not in Dignifyed's target demographic now, someone you care about most likely will be before you know it. 

How Dignifyed Works

Dignifyed's parent company has years of experience in testing and reviewing products for our digital properties, including Tom's Guide, Top Ten Reviews, Laptop Mag and more. Dignifyed has benefited from this strategic expertise as well as Purch Labs, our parent company's testing facility based in Ogden, Utah. We extensively research the product categories and companies that are relevant to our test subjects, and make all acquisitions and inquiries anonymously, to ensure the full integrity of our reviews.

How we test and review products

For Dignifyed's review of medical alert systems, we spent over 300 hours researching — and nearly 120 hours testing — 21 different products from 20 companies. For a more thorough explanation of how we tested medical alert systems, please see How We Test Medical Alert Systems and Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Alert Systems.

How we are supported

No outside party determines the products we review or the content of our coverage. As an alternative to traditional web advertising, Dignifyed connects visitors with retailers’ websites where they  may purchase the items we evaluate, and we accept a commission via those retail relationships. However, our editorial team's mandate to evaluate and quantify a product's value to our readers is wholly separate from those relationships. Dignifyed's digital commerce and ad-sales teams are the sole managers of our commerce contracts, and neither they nor advertisers nor retailers offer any influence whatsoever on editorial coverage.

What's Next for Dignifyed?

For now, we are wholly focused on medical alert systems — a key suite of products and services designed to help protect and improve the lives of seniors. As we develop and refine our content, we hope to evaluate and review additional products, including walk-in tubs, mobility scooters and walkers. 

If there are particular companies, products or services you would like us to consider, or if you have any questions about our current tests and reviews, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.